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Top 10 YouTube Chicks Smoking Weed
By Steve Elliott ~alapoet~ in Culture
Wednesday, March 31, 2010 at 4:12 pm
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Photo: hollypink24
What's hotter than a beautiful woman smoking weed? Not much, man. Maybe a beautiful woman smoking weed who then uploads footage to YouTube.

Something about feminine grace combined with cannabinoid-based consciousness alteration seems to hold us in thrall.

The act of smoking, already rife with sexy possibilities, becomes an even more potent statement of sensuality when manifesting itself through an attractive female.

For all you degenerate stoner poon hounds, male and female, I present for your delectation and enjoyment, after grueling research, Toke of the Town's Top 10 YouTube Chicks Smoking Weed.

10. Go To That Place Where The Calm Is On Your Face

Extra points awarded to luhluhluhlinz for her sheer wholesome cuteness.

Even more extra points awarded for the incredible volume of her bad-ass bong hit!

9. Girl Hits The Bong Pt. 2

Poooochie describes this as her "going out for dinner with mom" bong hit...

Thanks for the cleavage, Poooochie!

8. Bong Hits

Zstarstruck describes this as "A lazy ass vid done at 3 a.m. day after Thanksgiving... Yay for bong hits!... I'm hella stoney and super cozy."

Major extra points for being possibly the highest looking girl in this entire collection. Nice bedroom eyes, too...

7. Smoke Weed

Nothin' fancy here... Just a beautiful girl and her pipe, but danged if she ain't fun to watch.

TaylorMicheleWynn is minimalist in her video description as well: "Me getting highh as fuuuuck." I'm in favor of it...

6. Number 2

YouTube user cunnalingus gets kudos for her "doesn't suck" screen name, her way-sexy pout, and her impressive mega hits.

Additional points for passing the blunt to us at the end!

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