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Smuggler busted swimming across Texas ship channel with 98 pounds of herb
By William Breathes in News
Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 2:20 pm

pot bust brownsville port.jpg
San Benito, TX police.
Not to be used as a floatation device.
Our sister blog Hairballs over at the HoustonPress reports this morning on Mexican national Jose Cabrera-Pastor, busted swimming across the Brownsville Ship Channel with nearly 100 pounds of pot strapped to him last Saturday. No word on if that was the original weight or if Cabrera-Pastor's load had taken on water during his time at sea.

Cabrera-Pastor was charged with second-degree marijuana possession, a felony by a Cameron County, Texas judge with a bond set at $30,000. When he gets released, we here at Toke think he might have a career in swim coaching. Swimming across a 200-foot channel with 100 pounds? Dude is a trooper.

For more information, head over to for the rest of the story.

stxmapsdotc brownsville-ship-channel.png
Brownsville Ship Channel from space.

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