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Phoenix police bust low-level pot salesman, find high-level explosives
By William Breathes in News, Say what?
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 9:20 am

It's stories like this one that give cannabis consumers, users and dealers a bad -- and paranoid -- face. But we'll tell it anyway as a cautionary tale and to point out that not all pot smokers keep homemade explosives along side their bongs. An unspectacular bust of a low-level pot dealer in north Phoenix got pretty spectacular after police found a powerful bomb at the house.

Phoniex police were serving a warrant at the home of the alleged weed salesman, 21-year-old Todd Robertson, when officers found the device that bomb technicians said "would 'level' the entire residence," according to court documents obtained by the Phoenix New Times. Read the rest of this WTF moment over at the New Times site.

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