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Cannabis Encyclopedia strain review: White Fire OG
By Ry Prichard in Cannabis Encyclopedia
Friday, September 27, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Ry Prichard.
White Fire OG.
Want to know more about the herb you're smoking? So do we, so we've asked Ry Prichard - a fellow Colorado cannabis nerd, grower, photographer and founder of the Cannabis Encyclopedia project which aims to create a central database on cannabis strain information - to help school us all, strain-wise. Each week in our new Cannabis Encyclopedia blog, Prichard will break down a strain from seed to buds. This week? White Fire OG

Lineage: Fire OG Kush x Krome's The White

Type: Hybrid (leans slightly Sativa)

Overview: One of the first uber-popular feminized hybrids from OG Raskal, the "WiFi OG" has earned a reputation for high potency and amazing visual appeal.

Ry Prichard.
White Fire OG.

The White Fire OG was bred in the early part of the 2000's, using OG Raskal's much-acclaimed Fire OG Kush clone as a mother, and a reversed female Krome's The White as the pollen source. The Fire OG is known as one of the more potent OG varieties, in terms of the effects as well as the flavor and aroma. It makes a great match for The White, which is a much more muted, musky type of strain and is definitely livened up by the OG's flavorful presence.

Ry Prichard.
White Fire OG.
The White is a great breeding partner for a lot of reasons, the chief one being its incredible trichome coverage (which is the source of its name). Many growers also like The White's stout, barrel-like bud structure, as it creates a super dense final product which sprinkles trichomes like fairy dust upon any surface it touches.

White Fire OG was a seed release, and as such, you will find a variety of different phenotypes on the market. One of Raskal's hand-selected plants is known as the "WiFi #3" and has become the most sought-after phenotype because it retains much of the Fire's aroma and flavor, as well as its more interesting effects package. The OG-leaning plants will have a more slender, pointed nug structure, while The White-dominant plants will look almost exactly like The White with just an additional kick of character.

A good phenotype of this strain will possess and complex fuel funk with just a little bit of the muskiness of The White. Flavor-wise it is similar to the aroma, with the OG qualities shining through and leaving behind a spicy, lightly skunky aftertaste which hangs in the mouth and throat.

Ry Prichard.
White Fire OG.

Though The White is more of an Indica-leaning variety, the Fire OG lightens it up and makes most phenotypes of this strain feel more Sativa-dominant, with an uplifting quality that is undeniable. It has a strong kick of initial potency that can get on top of some users, but its overall character is pleasant and doesn't cause anxiety in the vast majority of people. Social and happy, the WiFi OG is good for daytime or early evening use, but in higher dosages can be deeply relaxing and suitable for late evening as well. It helps with lack of appetite, moderate pain and muscle tension relief, depression, and anxiety.

Cannabis Encyclopedia is our column which seeks to educate about the wide variety of strains available on the market. Ry Prichard is the writer, photographer, and researcher behind, an extensive web portal of cannabis information. He spends most of his days navigating the weed jungles of Colorado.

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