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For years one of the biggest things Colorado parents were warned to fear on Halloween was tampered candy. Those warnings took an ominous edge after recreational pot was legalized in Colorado. But this year, however, despite an onslaught of warnings in 2014, Colorado officials haven’t issued a single warning about the dangers of marijuana-infused candy.

There were zero incidents of children being given tricky pot treats reported in 2014 or in 2015, but that hasn’t stopped other states from issuing a warning cry.

A graphic shared by the Denver Police Department on Halloween. More photos and two videos below.

On Halloween, the Denver Police Department’s warnings about trick-or-treaters possibly being slipped marijuana edibles reached its peak with the graphic seen here — one that essentially suggests, against all available evidence, that pot candy could kill children. But if DPD reps hoped the #CheatTheReaper hashtag would become a thing, they must have been sorely disappointed. A Twitter search this morning showed it wasn’t used a single time that day — a total that matches the number of marijuana dosings reported in the city in the wake of the Halloween festivities.

Everything you need to make your own pumpkin pipe.

Halloween is over, but you’ve still got a pumpkin laying around. Instead of letting it rot out and turn into a gross mush you’ll nearly puke over while cleaning up our friends at the Denver Westword have come up with a much better use.
One quick and easy way to get rid of those excess pumpkins: Turn them into your newest smoking piece. Anyone with five or ten minutes to spare can make a pipe or bong out of one of the fruits. Read on for our step-by-step guide to making an eco-friendly pipe out of a pumpkin.

A cropped image from the Denver Police Department Facebook page. More photos plus two videos below.

Last month, we shared Denver Police Department concerns about trick-or-treaters possibly being slipped marijuana edibles on Halloween. Literally hundreds of readers ripped such fears as unreasonable and reactionary. But rather than backing down, the DPD upped the ante with a video on the alleged threat, plus a Facebook campaign rolled out over the past couple of weeks. Thus far, the majority of those who’ve responded to the department on Facebook have been more upset by what they see as fear-mongering than by the prospect of kids being dosed without their knowledge.

The Denver Police Department has done a good job of scaring people into thinking there will be a rash of regular pot users willing to spend ten bucks on a candy bar so that they can secretly dose a little kid while trick-or-treating on Halloween; see a DPD video below.
In fact, Denver cops have made such a big deal of such possibilities that cops around Omaha, Nebraska, have started warning residents there to beware of people handing out Colorado-made pot candy.


According to a Denver Police Department podcast, calls have already started coming in from parents concerned that their kids will be slipped pot edibles while trick-or-treating on Halloween.
We highly doubt that. In fact, if anyone does hand out pot-laced candy to kids, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone from the anti-cannabis side trying to make legal cannabis look bad.

“Mitt Romney” and Lady Gaga getting high for Halloween

Like many celebrities, Lady Gaga went all out for Halloween — not that we would expect anything less from Mother Monster. The 26-year-old mega-star dressed up as weed.
Yes, you read that correctly. But not just as any old strain of marijuana, Gaga’s official title was “Princess High the Cannabis Queen.” Gaga threw a rave for her friends and fans on Halloween night after her show in Puerto Rico, and posted photos on her fan site,
Among the party guests was a some dude in a Mitt Romney mask, smoking weed.


Our sister paper, The Denver Westword, had a post earlier this week about a Denver Police Department campaign focusing on trick-or-treaters and the possibility they might be given pot edibles for Halloween sparked fresh accusations of fear-mongering. But this reader suggests that something like this could actually happen — although not for the reasons hyped by the DPD.

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