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Kendal Norris and her company, Mason Jar Event Group, have done it again. Her most recent of signatureseasonal Cannabis Pairing Dinners last weekend allowed guests to combine a high-end cannabis experience with fairy tale scenery and amazing food.

Beginning the night with a shuttle service from Sweet Leaf Dispensary to Shupe Homestead Farm in Boulder County, guests socialized, ate hors-d’oeuvres, and drank cannabis-infused iced tea, all under the backdrop of the Rocky Mountain skyline.

Sitting down to a dinner prepared by award-winning chef Hosea Rosenberg of Blackbelly

We were so inspired by the beauty, creativity and mastery Norris and her team created for their Summer Seasonal Dinner, we’ve created a list of tips for you, should you wish to host your own backyard cannabis-infused soiree.



Dear Stoner: I’ll be visiting Colorado this summer, and everyone is telling me I can only buy a quarter-ounce. Is that true? If so, is that for every shop, or can I buy more at another?

Dear Based: It used to be that way, but not any longer! In June, Governor John Hickenlooper signed a law bumping up the out-of-stater limit to an ounce, so you don’t have to limit yourself to a quarter-ounce at each shop you visit. Not that I’ve met many people who go through a quarter in a day — but they’re out there.

Yogi D and his dog want to teach you a thing or two about cannabis and yoga practice.420 Yoga Retreats

Yogi D and his dog want to teach you a thing or two about cannabis and yoga practice.

Yogi D has a solution to the nation’s “stress epidemic”: a weed-and-yoga retreat in Aspen from September 30 through October 2 called the 420 Yoga Retreat. A 25-year yoga veteran who was dubbed “America’s relaxation expert” by CNN, Yogi D has just recently come out of the dark as a cannabis user. All stereotypes of the “lazy stoner” went up in smoke as the influential and respected yoga instructor admitted to the world that he has been pairing yoga and cannabis for the past twenty years.

“For this retreat, we want to reach the state of our dogs. Be in the moment, love unconditionally, playful, no judgment, love and care,” says Yogi D. “The crazy thing about yoga is, I’ve been doing it for 25 years, and I feel like a total beginner. I get more than my students. I get a state of bliss from teaching. I am a yoga addict, that’s for sure.”


“The Porno, The Hitchhiker & The Weed,” the most recent episode of Viceland’s Vice Does America, will bring viewers to Denver as hosts Abdullah Saeed, Will Cooper and Martina de Alba visit the Denver Relief grow operation and discuss marijuana legalization.

This was not Saeed’s first foray into the world of marijuana. He has reported on cannabis policy and culture for Vice since 2012. In addition to his work as a producer on Viceland, he also hosts Bong Appetit, a series about cannabis edibles.

Westword asked Saeed, Cooper and de Alba about tonight’s episode and their thoughts on marijuana legalization.

The TAG program tests marijuana for things like fungus and mildew.Kate Simmons | Toke of the Town

The TAG program tests marijuana for things like fungus and mildew.

Starting today, you can purchase weed that’s been given a quality-assurance grade.

Created by the Trichome Institute, a Colorado-based company dedicated to science, education and certification, the Trichome Assurance Grade (TAG) system analyzes potentially unhealthy, even dangerous, parts of marijuana for which the government doesn’t require testing.

Bud+BreakfastKate Simmons | Toke of the Town

A dirt road winds through a mountain pass to a sign reading “Aspen Canyon Ranch.” Horses graze on the land leading up to the main lodge; dogs run free throughout the property.

Welcome to Camp Bud+Breakfast, a partnership between Bud+Breakfast and Aspen Canyon Ranch, which opened last weekend near Parshall in Grand County, about an hour-and-a-half drive from Denver. Guests are welcome to explore the ranch grounds, enjoy such activities as yoga, hiking, fishing and swimming, and also partake in another pastime: smoking marijuana.

BuzzFeed reporter Amanda Chicago Lewis on Merry Jane's show, Highly Productive.Courtesy of Merry Jane.

BuzzFeed reporter Amanda Chicago Lewis on Merry Jane’s show, Highly Productive.

Housed in a nondescript brick building in West Los Angeles, there’s a revolution brewing in marijuana media.

And Snoop Dogg is at the helm.

In late 2015, with the help of media entrepreneur Ted Chung, the hip-hop star launched Merry Jane, an entertainment company that creates pot-centric editorial and videos extolling the positive benefits of cannabis. Other big-name partners on board include Seth Rogen, Guy Oseary and Miley Cyrus, who haven’t been shy about their love of pot.

For more, read L.A. Weekly’s full story about Snoop Dogg.

Mary Jane’s Medicinals is one of a few cannabis companies that offer "hash baths."Andrea Berry

Mary Jane’s Medicinals is one of a few cannabis companies that offer “hash baths.”

The night Dahlia Mertens first dropped some marijuana leaves in her bath was a revelation. “I couldn’t believe how relaxed it made me feel,” Mertens says. Soon after she created her signature “hash bath” mixture. “It’s essentially a big tea bag of cannabis mixed with lavender, chamomile and peppermint and some bath salts,” Mertens explains.

The “hash bath” is part of Mertens’ Colorado-based Mary Jane’s Medicinals topical product line, which she founded in 2010. Mertens currently works with a growing number of Los Angeles dispensaries that offer her non-psychoactive, marijuana-infused massage oil, lip balms, salve and bath products.

For more, read L.A. Weekly’s story about pot’s role at the spa.

furious_leizure_vape_lifeCourtesy of Damian Major

Are you a health-conscious stoner who has adopted that vape lifestyle? Sick of people lighting up the old fashioned way? Well, boy, do we have the music video for you!

Miami indie-pop/hip-hop band Furious Leisure’s mini-film for their vape anthem “Vape Life” imagines the duo riding around town arresting anyone who dares light up a joint. Instead of a jail time, the offender gets an education in the benefits of vaping.

“Smoking is not good for you. The science is in. It’s one thing to smoke once a week, once a month, but the majority of people smoke many times, and this is just not good for you,” says member Bodizepha.

Check out the video here.

KIND Financial's CEO, David Dinenberg, at the company's headquarters in HollywoodDan Smarg

KIND Financial’s CEO, David Dinenberg, at the company’s headquarters in Hollywood

When KIND Financial began in 2014, it was supposed to be the Wells Fargo for weed growers and dispensaries.

“I was initially going to be KIND Banking,” CEO David Dinenberg says. “I was going to be the marijuana bank.”

He says the idea struck when he was watching a 60 Minutes segment on marijuana businesses, which mentioned that the industry had no banking, credit cards or financial services. “If you had sneezed or coughed during the 15 seconds that this information was presented, you’d have missed it,” the impeccably dressed Dinenberg says, sitting in an airy conference room of his Hollywood office. Soon thereafter, he began learning about the cannabis industry. “The research evolved into a business plan,” he says. “I gravitate toward a problem and not the story.”

To learn more, read L.A. Weekly‘s full story about KIND Financial.

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