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Kate Simmons | Toke of the Town

When Amendment 64 passed in 2014, adults in Colorado not only had the right to possess recreational marijuana, we gained the right to grow it. However, growing the potent, stanky cannabis many of us are used to smoking is no easy task for a rookie. Home growers spend years perfecting their lighting, nutrients, feeding schedule and more, but few have the time and bandwidth to breed their own genetics.

Most experienced home growers will tell you that the best way to grow your own is by planting reliable seeds, growing your own clones from a mother plant or finding a trustworthy clone breeder that doesn’t have anything to lose from selling you his or her best genetics – but for newbs and those too lazy to build a community, dispensaries provide a convenient place to start your home-growing journey.

To my chagrin, not too many pot shops in Denver sell clones anymore, making them hard to track down even after a Google sesh. Here’s a list of dispensaries in Denver that sell the green little guys (in alphabetical order), with more to be added as I find them.

Kate Simmons | Toke of the Town

SteepFuze, a Colorado company that specializes in CBD-infused coffee, came together through a series of coincidences that could only happen in this state. “It was a total accident how the idea came about,” admits Devin Jamroz.

Ben Glennon and Jamroz met in 2012 at a Red Rocks concert through mutual friends. Neither lived in Colorado at the time, but they both moved here within months of each other and decided to room together.

Jamroz started using CBD for pain after he herniated two disks in his back snowboarding. He was on a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs before he found cannabis. “The impetus to get on the tinctures was to get off pharmaceuticals,” Glennon says.

Initially, Jamroz would use his tincture when he drank his morning coffee. That’s when he decided to start brewing his own CBD-infused coffee using a popcorn maker and a thermometer. Glennon remembers that the first experiments tasted like drinking hot, grassy “swamp water,” Jamroz says, finishing his sentence. “It wasn’t glamorous.”

Kate Simmons | Toke of the Town

Over the past decade, Colorado’s cannabis industry has grown far beyond stoner stereotypes to include cancer survivors, moms and mainstream business types. Ever since Jane West started her wellness-products business, she’s been vocal about what it’s like to be a cannabis consumer, a business leader and, yes, a parent.

We recently sat down with West to find out what this pot pioneer carries every day and will be taking with her on 4/20. Here’s what’s in her bag:

_dsf9978Kate Simmons | Toke of the Town

For those who require discretion, functionality and style, we give you the VaePlume, an actual vape pen. The design allows users to unscrew the top, insert a cartridge of their choice and then smoke out of the top of the pen, while the bottom is a functional writing instrument.

“I’d seen a lot of vape pens that were disguised as pens that didn’t really have the functionality, so that’s what gave me the idea,” says Jake Plume, creator of the pen.

An engineer and machinist by trade, he tinkered with the mechanics for about six months, starting with the battery. “One of the first things I needed to do was find a battery that was a size that would fit into a normal pen,” he explains.

silversufer7th Floor

A mutually beneficial relationship between vape companies and artists is changing the industry. And it got its start in Colorado.

Colorado Springs-based 7th Floor Vapes was one of the first herbal vaporizer manufacturers to impress eye-catching works of art on its devices, making vaporization not just a habit, but an experience. Today its monolithic Silver Surfer and Super Surfer desktop vaporizers come in a variety of psychedelic looks, each dreamed up in-house or by outside artists and bands. Some, like Alex Grey’s paintings, are psychotropic; others are hazy, dream-like portraits of nature.


New cannabis consumers are often attracted to edibles but wonder how much is too much. To help both Colorado native newbies and the many tourists who visit Colorado and have questions about edible potency, industry officials and state regulators have worked to educate people on edible consumption limits.

Some cannabis companies have determined that the best way to handle any uncertainty is simply to create edible products with less THC. California companies Kiva and W!NK, for example, have begun developing product lines that will allow people to microdose.

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