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Allegedly Racist Drug Cop Frank Lyga Fired by LAPD Chief, His Lawyer Says
Friday, October 24, 2014 at 10:20 am


A week ago we told you about controversial cop Frank Lyga with the Los Angeles Police Department, who has been accused of being a racist asshole. It seems Lyga's bosses think so, too. Lyga was terminated by Los Angeles Police Department Chief Charlie Beck, the detective's attorney, Ira Salzman, told L.A. Weekly yesterday.

Lyga was sent home with pay in June after a recording of comments he made to an ongoing-training course for law enforcement was brought to the media's attention by political consultant Jasmyne Cannick. The white detective, who justifiably* shot a black officer in 1997 while both were out of uniform, said, "I could have killed a whole truckload of them."

Court Vacates Guilty Plea for Pot Grower Based on Bad Legal Advice
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 at 8:20 am


Back in 2008, a massive DEA sweep through suburban Philadelphia took down a multimillion dollar cannabis cultivation ring, resulting in the arrest and indictment of twelve Vietnamese Americans who stood accused of conspiring to grow thousands of highly illegal pot plants across several grow sites in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

Among those rounded up in the raids was then 40-year old Dung Bui, also known as "Danny Bui". Facing compounded consequences due to the fact that his grow site was within spitting distance of a school-owned park, Bui pled guilty to charges of conspiracy to manufacture more than 1,000 marijuana plants and manufacturing and distributing marijuana within 1,000 feet of an athletic field owned by the school district.

Now, six years later, the 3rd Circuit Court has tossed the 2008 ruling out the window, vacating Bui's guilty plea based on his appeal that he was given bad advice by his attorney.

Facebook Scrambling to Save Face Amid Policy Changes and Bad Press
Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at 10:20 am

Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies closer. Keep your Friends List private.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we reported here on a story about DEA agents in New York stealing a suspect's online identity and creating a fake Facebook profile in her likeness in an attempt to lure her friends into guilt-ridden admissions of their own.

The suspect, Sondra Arquiett, sued the Drug Enforcement Agency and the federal government for $250,000 and was due to begin court proceedings on the matter this week, but the suit is now in mediation as the feds try to buy their way out of the embarrassing situation. The revelation that law enforcement was using the popular social media networking site to conduct undercover investigations was just another on a growing list of incidences that have left those still logging on wondering just how real, and how safe, Facebook actually is.

Kent Easter Gets 6 Mos. in Jail for Helping Wife in Trying to Frame a Mom with Weed
Monday, October 20, 2014 at 8:20 am


The Long, Strange Saga of Kent Easter has ended. Sunbeams breaking through clouds, birds singing again and our collective sigh of relief being accompanied by a pleasing endorphin rush can mean only one thing, Orange County: Kent Wycliffe Easter is officially jail-bound.

The Hon. Judge Thomas Goethals made it official this morning, sentencing the Irvine dad to six months in jail--minus 76 days already served--for joining his fellow attorney wife in trying to frame an elementary school volunteer for drug possession because they thought she'd insulted their then-6-year-old son. She hadn't.

Steeler's Bell Waives Pretrial on Pot DUI, Possession Charges
Wednesday, October 15, 2014 at 11:20 am

Thumbnail image for TokeoftheTown-NFL-SATIRE.jpg

Back in August we told you about the Pittsburgh Steelers' Le'Veon Bell and LaGarrette Blount getting busted by a motorcycle cop while smoking ganja in traffic and the subsequent (lack of) fallout for the two running backs. This week the two were due in court, and at least Bell has waived his right to a preliminary hearing on possession and DUI charges.

Bell says he wasn't high at the time of the stop, though he admits to buying and smoking some of the herb.

Nebraska Cops Continue to Whine About Colorado Legalization, Want Tougher Penalties
Monday, October 13, 2014 at 12:20 pm

Nebraska cops lining their pockets doing a roadside check.

Nebraska cops still pissed about Colorado legalizing marijuana are pushing for increased monetary penalties for cannabis possession as well as increased funding to pay for the overtime they are all milking. Police Chief B.J. Wilkinson of Sidney, Nebraska (population 7,000) says he's written more marijuana tickets in five months than he did in all of last year. "Five out of every ten" stops results in a marijuana arrests, he says. They've already run through their yearly allotment of overtime pay to pay for cops to go to court for the marijuana cases. It's "deteriorating a quality of life here" in his town, he says.

We bet. Your cops are too busy shooting fish in barrels to deal with any actual crime in their town.

DEA Sued After Stealing Suspect's Online Identity To Lure Accomplices
Thursday, October 9, 2014 at 8:20 am

The DEA assumed a suspect's Facebook profile in an attempt to lure her friends into admissions of guilt

Ever since Notre Dame University star football player Manti Te'o was caught up in a lie about a relationship with a girl who never existed, the word "catfished" has become more and more of a household term.

There was a movie in 2010 by the name of Catfish, which spawned the MTV show of the same name, which has somehow made it through three seasons on the culturally bankrupt cable television station. Even the Urban Dictionary has the phrase listed, defining it as: "Being deceived over Facebook as the deceiver professed their romantic feelings to his/her victim, but isn't who they say they are."

Well, it turns out that the DEA may be the hipsters of catfishing online, since they've been doing it since way before the mainstream caught on. But a new lawsuit by an admitted drug dealer may cause your Facebook "Friends" list to get pared down a bit.

Angela Brown, Minnesota Medical Cannabis Mom, Due in Court Today; Charges Haven't Been Dropped
Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at 9:20 am

Angela Brown with her son, Trey.

Last month, we told you about Angela Brown, the Madison, Minnesota resident who was charged with two gross misdemeanors for giving cannabis extracts to her teenage son, Trey, to treat a traumatic brain injury he suffered in 2011.

Brown's story generated quite a stir, mostly among people who couldn't begin to understand why the Lac Qui Parle county attorney, Richard Stulz, thought it was a good idea to press charges in this case. But the controversy apparently didn't deter Stulz, as this morning Brown is due in court in Montevideo, where she plans to enter a "not guilty" plea

World's 3rd Richest Man Decides to Dabble in Cannabis
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 8:20 am


In recent weeks, around a thousand marijuana dispensaries across the states of California, Colorado, and Washington have received a marketing flyer advertising a partnership opportunity with the 3rd richest man in the world, Warren Buffet.

Well, it's not exactly a partnership, and the flyers didn't exactly come from Mr. Buffet himself, and really, they weren't even aimed primarily at the dispensaries they were sent to. But with weed growing faster than warehouse space, Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary Cubic Designs, Inc. has stepped into the industry with a proven solution that promises to double the yield on each harvest.

Pot Edibles Lawsuit Update: More Than 100 People Sickened at Denver County Fair?
Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 10:20 am


Last month, we told you about a class-action lawsuit accusing a Denver County Fair vendor of giving away pot-infused candy without informing patrons, reportedly resulting in a number of them becoming ill.

Now, the figure is growing. Six more people have joined the complaint, which maintains that the total victims could exceed a hundred. The original suit was filed by Jordan Coombs, who said he was so sickened by the candy he ate at the booth operated by LivWell, a company that operates under the Beyond Broadway moniker, that during the drive away from the fair -- with his wife behind the wheel, fortunately -- he "projectile vomited uncontrollably in his car."

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