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Gummies have gotten sticky in the marijuana market, replacing chocolate as the top-selling cannabis candy.

According to a study by BDS Analytics, infused chocolate bars dominated the marketplace in 2015. That year, chocolate bars outsold all other cannabis products by almost 50 percent, taking the top spot with 26 percent of sales.

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He’s not the only one.

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Dennis Peron, the celebrated cannabis activist and backer of 1996’s Proposition 215, which legalized MED in California, opposes the state’s coming REC vote. “In 1996, it was like a dark room had been left for so long without any light. I let a little light in. A light of compassion, hope and empowerment. We empowered the patients and the voters and the people that don’t believe marijuana is a crime,” Peron said. “But Prop. 64 will destroy that power that we’ve had for the last 20 years.”


In July, four doctors were suspended for allegedly recommending cannabis to patients who didn’t need it for health-related reasons after being referred to the Colorado Medical Board by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

Now, however, the CDPHE’s referral process has been struck down in Denver District Court. In a ruling on view below, Judge Jay S. Grant found that the policy had been improperly instituted and ordered the state to immediately stop enforcing it.

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The fifth time could be a charm: After four previous attempts, Colorado may finally add post-traumatic stress disorder to its medical marijuana program.

On Wednesday, September 21, members of an interim legislative committee voted 5-0 to endorse a proposal that would add acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder to the list of medical conditions that can be legally treated with medical marijuana in Colorado. The committee’s endorsement does not make the bill law, but will act as a positive recommendation when the Colorado Legislature starts its next session in January 2017.

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Cannabis and music have always gone hand in hand, but even since Colorado legalized recreational pot use in 2012 with Amendment 64, it is still illegal to consume cannabis in public and in private businesses that are accessed by the public – including concert venues.

This November, voters in Denver will have the opportunity to address the issue with Ballot Question 300, which, if passed, will create a pilot program that allows limited social cannabis consumption in permitted private establishments.

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