Sativa Takes Top Spot: Super Lemon Haze Repeats As Cannabis Cup Champion

Mighty Super Lemon Haze extended for another year its reign over the Dutch pot scene at this year’s Cannabis Cup Awards.

​A heady sativa, Super Lemon Haze, repeated as the favorite Dutch coffeeshop strain at the 22nd Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam. It won last year as well, as reported at, and is the first strain to repeat since the Green House’s Super Silver Haze in 1999. 

Vanilla Kush from Barney’s placed second in the competition for the top prize. Headband Kush from Green Place finished third.

Both the Green House and Barney’s continued to dominate the Cup as the two powerhouses have for a decade. The last shop to win the Cup other than the Green House or Barney’s was The Noon with the legendary Blueberry, all the way back  in 2000.

Presenting the 2009 Cannabis Cup winners:

Cannabis Cup
1. Super Lemon Haze – Green House
2. Vanilla Kush – Barney’s
3. Headband Kush – Green Place

Hortilab Seed Company’s Starbud, winner of the Indica competition at Cannabis Cup. Click thumbnail for a much larger, even more delicious view of the photo

Indica Cup
1. Starbud – Hortilab Seed Company
2. OG18 – Reserva Privada
3. Kush D – Allstar Genetics

Sativa Cup
1. Saris Hilton – Harvestman Seed Company
2. Super Lemon Haze – Green House Seed Co.
3. The Purps – BC Bud Depot

Imported Hash Cup
1. Rif Cream – Green House
2. Triple Zero – Barney’s
3. Azilla – Amnesia

Dutch Hash Cup
1. Royal Jelly – Barney’s
2. Green House Ice – Green House
3. Grey Area Chrystal – Grey Area

For a list of Cannabis Cup winners dating back to 1990, click here