Cancer Patient Who Smokes Pot Can Stay For Now


​A northern Michigan woman who was in the process of being evicted by Jan. 1 for legally growing and using medical marijuana has been given a holiday reprieve.

Lori Montroy, 49, of Elk Rapids had been told she must be out of her apartment by the end of the year, or face eviction proceedings in Antrim County court.
The Gardner Group, which manages the building, said the process has been suspended and Montroy’s case will be reviewed after Jan. 4, according to the Associated Press.
Montroy has terminal brain cancer of the type that killed U.S. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.
Medical marijuana is legal in Michigan, but the Gardner Group says the federal government considers it illegal.


​The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) of Michigan is supporting Montroy in her fight.
“No one deserves to be put out in the cold for legally treating the crippling pain, nausea and weakness caused by brain cancer,” said Dan Korobkin, staff attorney for ACLU of Michigan.
After she received her medical marijuana card, Montroy grew four cannabis plants in an enclosed, locked closet as required by state law. During a “random search” of her apartment in October, Montroy told the property manager that she was growing medical marijuana and showed the manager her registry card.
After this incident Montroy was served with a “Notice To Quit/Termination Of Tenancy” form, alleging that she violated federal law regarding controlled substances and will be evicted if she does not leave her apartment by Jan. 1, 2010.
“I still can’t believe this has happened to me,” Montroy said. “The stress of being kicked out with no place to go is too much for me to bear.”
“Needing medical marijuana, or any other medication, is not a shameful thing,” Montroy said. “This law was put in place to help people like me who are sick and are struggling to cope with the pain.”