Christmas Vigil In Seattle Protests Marijuana Laws; Smug Yuppies Object


“Anti-drug advocate”/obnoxiously smug yuppie Steve Danishek spouts ignorance and intolerance on cue for reporter Eric Schudiske

‚ÄčFor the past nine years on Christmas Day, 5th Avenue and James Street in Seattle has been at the crossroads of the controversy over marijuana legalization.

As they’ve done every year in the 21st Century, protesters outside King County Jail held a pro-marijuana vigil, maintaining non-violent drug offenders should be home for the holidays, reports Eric Schudiske of King 5 News.
“We just think that otherwise law-abiding Americans should find alternatives to incarceration for marijuana use,” said Vivian McPeak, organizer of the vigil.
McPeak remains optimistic about the prospects for positive change. “We believe very strongly that we’re in the last decade of marijuana criminalization,” he said.

Reporter Schudiske, in an apparent attempt to bring “balance” to his story, was predictably able to find some obnoxious anti-drug zealots who defended the practice of locking people up for smoking pot. (Really not too surprising, since Schudiske — who “balances” a story only if pro-marijuana viewpoints are represented; unanswered, ridiculous anti-pot allegations such as “growing pot causes toxic waste” seem to be fine with him — has been known to smooch a few cop heinies with slanted reporting in the past.)
Steve Danishek, some yuppie moron living on the Seattle waterfront, expressed little sympathy for those damn scofflaw pot-smokers.
“They broke the law, they knew the law, they’re in jail,” a smug Danishek, who seemed offended that marijuana supporters were even allowed in his high-rent district, said. “I’m sorry; that’s just a choice they made.”
So, how does that compare with the “choice” Danishek made to be a highly visible public advocate for the kind of sickening, heartless barbarity that locks people in cages for choosing to use an herb? You make the call.
Danishek, 63, and another well-do-do Seattle waterfront resident at 2000 Alaskan Way, Dee Tezelli, whined about how “marijuana abuse divides their family” and how Seattle’s annual Hempfest “disrupts their neighborhood.”
Good idea, Steve and Dee. Maybe they should pass a law where only shallow, judgmental assholes like yourselves — who’d throw someone out of the family, even at Christmas, for smoking pot — should even be allowed in your part of town. (Steve and Dee seem to be a couple, and Holy God, do they ever richly deserve each other.)
Those who oppose jailing cannabis users should be sure never to use Danishek’s travel agency, TMA Inc., located at 4626 NE 174th Place in Seattle.
And they definitely shouldn’t call Danishek at (206) 363-2523 to make any reservations.