Dope Of The Day: Wisconsin Politician Accuses Medical Marijuana Supporters Of ‘Secret Agenda’


Dope of the Day Leah Vukmir: Just take your pharmaceuticals, and forget about that silly marijuana.

‚ÄčA Republican legislator’s accusation that medical marijuana supporters have a secret agenda of legalizing pot for everyone drew boos from many in a room packed with sick people in wheelchairs or walking with canes, AP reports.

Rep. Leah Vukmir claimed there are no medical reasons to use marijuana and that suffering patients should do things that “do not require individuals to light a joint.”
For her complete lack of empathy for her fellow human beings, along with an obnoxious dose of hubristic arrogance combined with insufferable ignorance, Toke of the Town enthusiastically awards Rep. Vukmir our ignoble Dope Of The Day award.

Many patients and supporters of medical cannabis were on hand for the public hearing today in Madison, the state capitol.
Bill sponsors, Rep. Mark Pocan (D-Madison) and Sen. Jon Erpenbach (D-Waunakee) vehemently deny that their goal is to legalize pot for everyone.
Erpenbach said the bill is about compassionate care for those who believe marijuana is the quickest and easiest way to ease their pain, but currently have to break the law to use it, reports Andrew Beckett with the Wisconsin Radio Network.
If lawmakers eventually approve the bill, Governor Jim Doyle has said he’ll sign it into law.
Wisconsin is working to become the 14th state to allow medical marijuana. Legislation is in the works in at least 14 other states, according to Mike Meno, assistant director of communications at the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).