Hey, Dallas? If The Stuff Hasn’t Shown Up, It’s Still In Phoenix, Man


Dallas Observer

​Couples who engage in “joint” ventures smuggling pot really need to get their stories straight before they even think about making a road trip.

This bit of weed wisdom was further underlined on Christmas Eve when Charley Taylor and Theressa Mills of Dallas were pulled over in Arizona, reports Robert Wilonsky in the Dallas Observer.
The two were taken in for separate questioning after their Dodge van was stopped for weaving on Interstate 17.
Charley, 47, told the cops the couple was traveling from Dallas to Los Angeles to visit their children, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Dwight D’Evelyn told KPHO-TV in Phoenix. Unfortunately, Theressa, 37, told ’em they were traveling from Phoenix to Dallas to visit their children.
So they had the “visit their children” part right. If only they could have agreed on their destination!

Photo: Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
The unfortunate couple: Charley Taylor (left) and Theressa Mills

​Based on their divergent destinations and other “indicators of narcotics involvement,” (one can’t help being intrigued and wondering exactly what the hell that means), deputies asked Taylor if he had any contraband in the van, D’Evelyn said.
Charley, apparently a guy prone to bouts of dangerous honesty, told ’em, yeah, sure, there was “a little weed” in the back of the van (really bad idea — if you have weed, please make the cops do their job and find it). 

Photo: Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office
If this is the weed you were waiting for, you won’t be getting any closer than this.

​Turns out that by “a little,” Charley meant almost 275 pounds of the sticky icky.
Both Charley and Theressa remain jailed in Yavapai County on charges of transporting  marijuana for sale, with a $125,000 bond.
What have we learned here today?
Get your story straight. It’s not enough to agree that you’re going to see the kids; things like point of origin and destination are important — especially if you’re sitting in the police station while the bright lights shine.
Hello, prison sentences. Goodbye, weed, if you’re still waiting in Dallas.