Ruling Expected In Colorado Dispensary Case


Colorado Marijuana Coalition

​A marijuana dispensary in Centennial, Colo., could be back open for business by the end of the day.

An Arapahoe County District Court judge is expected to give an oral ruling Wednesday in a dispute between the city and CannaMart, which was shut down after only a few weeks in business, reports The Associated Press.
CannaMart sued the city, maintaining the marijuana dispensary was a legal business, and that Colorado cities are violating the state constitution when they ban all dispensaries.
The lawsuit has been inching forward for two weeks; last week, the judge said he needed more time to consider the case.


​Patients and dispensary operators across Colorado are closely watching the case to see whether cities will be permitted to ban dispensaries, or whether the state constitution, amended in 2000 by voters to allow medical marijuana, means cities have to allow at least some of the pot shops.
​”Already, this case has garnered tremendous national interest, and not just for its potential impact on medical marijuana patients and caregivers,” said attorney Robert J. Corry, Jr., who represents CannaMart.
“This is so much bigger than medical marijuana,” Corry said. “It’s about whether a local government can circumvent a voter approved state constitutional amendment to prohibit an entire industry from operating at all.”
CannaMart says it’s the first time in Colorado history that a coalition of patients and caregivers has sued a municipal government to reopen a dispensary.