‘Live Like It’s Legal’: Landmark Cannabis Hearing In New Zealand


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Dakta Green: “Live like it’s legal”

​Dakta Green, founder of New Zealand’s most visible cannabis club, will argue in court Wednesday that marijuana laws are a fundamental breach of his rights, in what is being called a “landmark” hearing.

Green will argue before Judge Ann Kiernan in Auckland District Court that cannabis laws discriminate against users of the herb, and that the severity of marijuana penalties under the Misuse of Drugs Act violates New Zealand’s Bill of Rights Act.
“Alcohol and tobacco are dangerous drugs but are legally available,” Green said. “Cannabis causes less harm to our community.”
Green, whose motto is “live like it’s legal,” will call two witnesses to bolster his claims of persecution and discrimination.

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Photo: Luke Parker, Western Leader
Dakta Green: “I will never stop campaigning to free cannabis users from these harsh and unfair laws”

​Dr. Geoff Noller, New Zealand’s leading expert on cannabis culture, will appear via video link from the University of Otago School of Medicine.
Dawn Danby, a former pharmacist currently on home detention for using cannabis as medicine, will also appear in support of Green.
“I am confident of victory but whatever the result of my application, I will never stop campaigning to free cannabis users from these harsh and unfair laws,” Green said.
“The cannabis laws are wrong,” Green said. “They are fueled by a pernicious prejudice and perpetuate harmful stereotypes that adversely affect users and their families.”