DEA Goons Raid Another Pot Potency Testing Laboratory; Seize Stems


Photo: Westword
Michael Lee’s lab, Genovations, was raided Thursday by the DEA — for trying to become legal.

​Federal Drug Enforcement Administration agents Thursday raided another medical marijuana potency testing laboratory, Genovations, based in Colorado Springs.
Like the recent DEA raid of Full Spectrum Laboratories in Denver, the lab was hit after applying for an analytical laboratory license, reports Joel Warner at Westword.
Federal rules are that any lab possessing marijuana, even for the purposes of scientific potency testing, is in violation of the law unless they have an analytical license.
Trouble is, when you apply for that license, armed DEA goons are sent over, they of course “smell or see marijuana,” and the raid is on.

“They spent half a day with me. Nine of them,” said Genovations owner Michael Lee.
“I can test for molds; I can test for all these different pesticides,” Lee said. “The funny thing is, the DEA doesn’t want me to test for them.”
The agents trundled away with, among other things, a 25-pound box of marijuana stems Lee was using to test and calibrate his machinery.
Besides the Genovations lab, Lee also owns Cannabis Therapeutics, one of Colorado Springs’ oldest dispensaries.
The DEA agents told Lee yesterday that not only would his lab not be certified (because he also owns a dispensary), but that even if he didn’t own the dispensary and got the DEA license, it wouldn’t do him much good because every cannabis grower from whom he took samples would have to be DEA certified, as well.
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