Latest Casualty Of MPP Sex Scandal: Annual Playboy Mansion Party


Playboy Bunnies prepare to fend off horn-dog Rob Kampia as they arrive at the Marijuana Policy Project’s 3rd Annual Party and Fundraiser on June 12, 2008, at the Playboy Mansion

​Aw, maaaan. No more Bunnies?

Since former Executive Director Rob Kampia stepped down at the Marijuana Policy Project to receive therapy for his “hypersexualized” condition, fundraising isn’t the only thing to take a hit.
Now, the pro-pot organization’s annual party at the Playboy Mansion has been cancelled, reports Amanda Hess at Washington City Paper.

In an organization-wide email, MPP’s second in command, Alison Green, who stayed on to pick up the pieces after Kampia’s embarrassing departure, informed staffers that “MPP will not be holding a party at the Playboy Mansion this year.”
Green said the cancellation was primarily due to Kampia’s absence. “Without Rob doing his normal major donor fundraising we simply don’t have the cash flow to pay the upfront deposits that would be due now,” she wrote in the staff email.

Photo: The Sexist
In happier times: Rob Kampia with MPP Chief of Staff Alison Green

​But, she admitted, there’s another big reason the Playboy Mansion party doesn’t seem like such a great idea this year: MPP is struggling to regain its credibility around issues of sexual harassment due to Kampia’s misbehavior, and the time just doesn’t seem right to have a bash at a place staffed by “bunnies” and devoted to the beauty of the nude female form.
“…The PR ramifications of holding the event right now are probably obvious,” she wrote.
Green is in a difficult position; Kampia’s misbehavior was egregious, and lasted for years. His self-described “hypersexuality” included Kampia pursuing numerous MPP employees for sex; sending emails to a subordinate telling of his intention to “breast massage” an MPP donor; and allegedly telling a female employee “she’d look hotter with a boob job.”

Photo: MPP
We’re all Playboys up in here: Hugh Hefner and Rob Kampia

​The caddish behavior went unchecked for so long because of Kampia’s control over MPP’s finances through his close relationships with its biggest contributors.
Here’s MPP’s official word on the decision to not show up at the Playboy Mansion this year:
“While MPP greatly appreciates and benefited from our association with Playboy over the past four years, in 2010 our VIP and major donor event calendar will showcase our flagship fundraiser at a new venue that will represent the diversity of MPP’s supporters.”
MPP’s annual bash at the Playboy Mansion has traditionally carried considerable star power and has been a hot ticket in Los Angeles’ progressive social circles.
The 2009 MPP event at the Mansion was the fourth annual such event. It was hosted by actress Fairuza Balk (star of pot movie Humboldt County and many other films) and featured musical guests the Dandy Warhols. (You’ve gotta check out the Warhols’ racy promotional poster for last year’s event.)