California Man Arrested For Pot Twice In One Night


Photo: The Uncle Taz Marijuana Gallery

‚ÄčA Santa Rosa, California man was arrested twice Wednesday night — first when he was pulled over for expired registration and police found marijuana and $55,000 in the car, and later when he bailed out of jail and came home to find a squad of detectives raiding his house, where they seized pot plants, a stolen handgun and “other evidence,” according to police.

Early Thursday, Stephen Elliott, 41, was still in the Sonoma County Jail with a bail of $25,000, according to jail personnel, reports Mary Callahan at the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Elliott’s new charges included suspected possession of a controlled substance, possession of an illegal and loaded firearm, possession of marijuana plants, receipt of stolen property, possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of drugs without a prescription, according to jail personnel.
Elliott was driving on Rohnert Park Expressway in Rohnert Park, Calif., when Officer Jason Williams pulled him over around 8:42 p.m. on Wednesday because of the vehicle’s expired registration, according to the Rohnert Park Public Safety Department.
After smelling marijuana, the officer searched Elliott’s car and found about 2.5 pounds of marijuana and the $55,000.
Elliott was arrested and booked into the county jail for suspected possession of marijuana for sale and transporting marijuana.
Police also got a search warrant for Elliott’s home in Santa Rosa.
“Special enforcement” detectives ransacking his house found an indoor marijuana grow with more than 200 plants at various stages of maturity and about 13 pounds of packaged, processed pot, along with prescription pills, psilocybin mushrooms and a small amount of methamphetamine, as well as drug paraphernalia, according to police.
Also found was an allegedly stolen handgun from San Francisco and $4,600 in additional cash, police said.
Elliott was then arrested again on additional charges based on what was discovered in his house.