CBS Reverses Decision; Accepts NORML Marijuana Legalization Ad


Graphic: NORML

‚ÄčThe fight around CBS’s initial refusal to run a pro-legalization ad from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML) ended in victory Wednesday afternoon, reports Te-Ping Chen at

Last month, CBS denied NORML’s request to place an ad in Times Square that featured the potential billions of dollars in tax revenue that would result from legalizing marijuana.
Remember, this is the network that runs stoner-friendly ads for their Showtime Network show, Weeds. CBS is also the network that had no problem running an extremely controversial anti-abortion ad aimed at peak viewership during the Super Bowl.

But still, CBS decided that NORML’s 15-second message (“Legalize Marijuana — Billions In Taxes” would somehow offend viewers.
In a rejection email on February 3, NORML was told, “If CBS changes their morals we will let you know.”
Has CBS “changed its morals”? Who knows. But the network has at least decided to stop censoring NORML’s pro-marijuana message.
On Wednesday afternoon, spoke with Shannon Jacobs, vice president of communications at CBS. Jacobs said CBS “communicated to the people who wanted top place the ad that they will accept the ad if they still want to run it.”
Congratulations to NORML for winning a well-deserved and very public victory, and thanks to the 8,809 readers who helped change CBS’s decision.
This is NORML’s 15-seond animated advertisement intended for Times Square (don’t freak; there’s not supposed to be any sound):