Colorado Lawmakers Ask US Attorney General To Stop Pot Raids


Photo: DEA

‚ÄčColorado’s legislators, currently in the midst of trying to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries, are asking U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to stop raids of medicinal cannabis operations.

A group emailed the request to Holder on Monday, following up on a letter sent last week, according to the Associated Press.
According to the lawmakers, the raids are discouraging dispensary operators and medical marijuana patients and growers from working with the Colorado Legislature on proposed regulations.
The letter was sent by Sens. Chris Romer and Nancy Spence, and Reps. Tom Massey and Beth McCann.
A suburban Denver man has been charged with marijuana possession in federal court after DEA agents raided his home and found 224 pot plants.
The raid took place only hours after segments aired of a television interview with Chris Bartkowicz, in which he boasts of his $500,000 basement grow operation, his $637,000 home and his expected $400,000 profits this year.

Federal agents have also raided two local laboratories that test medical marijuana for potency after their owners applied for federal drug licenses.