Nationwide Boycott! WalMart Fired Cancer Patient For Medical Marijuana


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It’s time for WalMart — and other corporate chains — to join the 21st Century.

​WalMart pulled a major bonehead move this week when it sacked a cancer patient — a former Associate of the Year — for following his doctor’s advice and using medical marijuana, which is perfectly legal in Michigan. As a direct result, medical marijuana advocates are now organizing a nationwide boycott of the retail giant.

The Bentonville, Arkansas-based company, notorious for its corporate stance of social conservatism, looked like a big, dumb, lumbering, heartless beast. But WalMart still hasn’t budged, and is completely unapologetic about firing Joseph Casias, who suffers from sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor.
The wave of revulsion and outrage over WalMart’s treatment of Casias is growing exponentially as more people learn what was done — and with 80 percent of the American public supporting medical marijuana, the results of a boycott could be substantial.

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WalMart fired cancer patient Joseph Casias for following his doctor’s instructions and using medical marijuana

​Casias worked at the Battle Creek, Michigan WalMart for five years, winning employee of the year in 2008 despite battling cancer.
Last November, Casias sprained a knee at work; during the routine drug screening that follows any workplace accident, marijuana was detected in his system. Casias showed WalMart managers his Michigan medical marijuana card, but was fired anyway.
“I was told they do not accept or honor my medical marijuana card,” Casias said.
“In states such as Michigan, where prescriptions for marijuana can be obtained, an employer can still enforce a policy that requires termination of employment following a positive drug screen,” said WalMart spokesman Greg Rossiter from company headquarters.
“We believe our policy complies with the law, and we support decisions based on the policy,” Rossiter said.
It’s time to teach WalMart that mistreating medical marijuana patients isn’t just dumb and cruel; it can also be very, very bad for business.
WalMart’s moralistic and intolerant stance towards legal, medical marijuana users is out of step with both legal reality and modern American sensibilities.
Highlighting the chain’s utter hypocrisy is the fact that they have no problem with employees using harsh pharmaceuticals like Vicodin and other addictive opiates, but fire employees for legally using medical marijuana in its herbal form.
Enough of this nonsense, already. The voters of Michigan legalized medical marijuana with an overwhelming 63 percent majority. It’s time for clueless corporate employers like WalMart to enter the 21st Century.
The nationwide boycott of WalMart by medical marijuana supporters begins now.
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Protest Scheduled At Battle Creek WalMart!

lf you live anywhere in the Battle Creek, Michigan, area, a protest at WalMart is planned for Sunday, March 14, 2010.

When: 3:30pm, Sunday, March 14, 2010 
Where: Wal-Mart
6020 B Drive North
Battle Creek, MI

“Several Michigan medical marijuana activists and compassion clubs from southwest Michigan will be picketing the Battle Creek WalMart at 3:30 on Sunday, March 14,” said Christeen Klasky Landino of Michigan NORML.

“We’ll set up on the public right of way, just off store property,” Landino said.

“On behalf of Michigan NORML we think that this is totally against the spirit of the law passed by 63 percent of the people in the 2008 elections,” Landino told Toke of the Town.

“We would like to see anyone who thinks this is not right to show up and let WalMart know and the state know, the citizens of this state meant what we said when we voted for medical marijuana in Michigan,” Landino said.

“It’s time the lawmakers paid attention to the 63 percent of Michigan residents who voted this measure into law.”

Let WalMart know what you think about their policy of firing medical marijuana patients.

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