Rally Held In Michigan For Medical Pot Patient Fired By WalMart


Photo: WOOD-TV
The Michigan Medical Marijuana Association organized a rally Sunday, March 14, 2010 at the Battle Creek WalMart parking lot.

​A rally was held Sunday in support of Joseph Casias, a former employee of the year and registered medical marijuana patient battling cancer who was recently fired from his job at WalMart for using the doctor-approved herb, reports Dani Carlson at WOOD TV.

More than 100 people turned out for the demonstration to support Casias, a five-year employee at the Battle Creek, Michigan WalMart store. He was terminated after testing positive for medical marijuana.
Casias has a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis and is a legal, card-carrying medical marijuana patient.
Casias, who uses marijuana for pain from sinus cancer and an inoperable brain tumor, said he shouldn’t have been fired in a state where medical marijuana is legal.

Photo: WOOD-TV

​He and dozens of supporters gathered outside the Battle Creek WalMart parking lot to protest his dismissal. The group asked for Casias to get his job back and demanded an apology from WalMart.
WalMart, in the grip of reefer madness, wasn’t about to do either of those things.
“In states such as Michigan, where prescriptions for marijuana can be obtained, an employer can still enforce a policy that requires termination of employment following a positive drug screen,” parroted Anna Taylor of WalMart Corporate Communications.
“We believe our policy complies with the law and we support decisions based on the policy.”
WalMart should change that policy, Casias said.