Seattle Man Changes His Name To ‘Fuck The Drug War’


Graphic: Gilbert Shelton

​A King County, Washington resident has legally changed his name to “Fuck The Drug War.”

A district judge signed off on the name change petition last Friday from a man whose name was previously “Fuck Censorship,” reports Josh Feit at PubliCola.
According to the petition, the man changed his name to Mr. War (the middle name will be “The Drug”) because “We’re in two wars, at least, that I strongly oppose, but cannot currently stop.”

“I actually met Mr. Fuck The Drug War when he was Mr. Fuck Censorship at the Pike Fish Fry,” writes one commenter. “He came in, paid the tab for the couple in front of him, explained to the six or eight people present that their personal freedoms were at risk and that ‘We should all fuck censorship,’ thanked everyone for their time, and left. I wish we had more polite society like him, f-bomb or no f-bomb.”

Photo: PubliCola