Humboldt County Accepts DEA Funds For Pot Eradication


Photo: Public CEO
Do you live in Humboldt? These idiots just got $170,000 more in federal money to pay them overtime for stealing your pot.

‚ÄčThe Humboldt County, California Board of Supervisors accepted $170,000 from the federal government for “marijuana related law enforcement work” last Tuesday morning, despite one man’s advice to the contrary.

“Respect the sacred herb,” Tad Robinson said during the public comment portion of the meeting. “Say ‘No DEA, this is not what we want our law enforcement to do in Humboldt County.'”
The funding, from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, will be used to pay Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies overtime “for the eradication of marijuana.” The money will also pay for the salary and overtime of reserve officers, reports Donna Tam at the Redwood Times.

Photo: The Humboldt Herald
Supervisor Mark Lovelace: “There will always be a need for law enforcement when it comes to marijuana”

‚ÄčThird District Supervisor Mark Lovelace said he wanted to clarify how the DEA funding might be impacted if marijuana is legalized in California’s November election.
Lovelace, apparently reluctant to give up the War On Pot which brings in fat six-figure federal grants for local law enforcement to piss away on doomed marijuana eradication efforts, was seemingly terrified by the prospect of the county government having to wean itself off the juicy federal “drug enforcement” teat.
“There will always be a need for law enforcement when it comes to marijuana, whatever the need may be,” he said.
Humboldt County Sheriff Gary Philp said his office will follow California law, whatever it may be in the future.
“We really don’t believe — even if there is legalization in November — illegal drug activity and enforcement efforts will disappear,” the sheriff said.