Canada Will Confiscate Medical Marijuana At Border



‚ÄčDon’t take your medical marijuana across the border with you on that Canadian vacation.

While having a medical marijuana card won’t affect the ability of residents of Washington and Montana to visit neighboring Canada, all cannabis found at the border crossing will be confiscated, according to Canadian authorities.

Lisa White, speaking for the Canada Border Control Services Agency, said that despite rumors to the contrary, Americans who are enrolled in their states’ medical marijuana programs are not refused entry into our northern neighbor for that reason, reports Tim Trainor at the Montana Standard.

“In and of itself, it is not a valid reason to deny entrance,” White said.
Health Canada, the federal department that runs the country’s health care system, has a medical marijuana program of its own, and the herb is allowed for patients suffering from “grave and debilitating illnesses” like cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis.
But, according to White, Health Canada does not recognize the medical marijuana programs of the United States or any other country. So you cannot bring personal amounts of medical marijuana into Canada, despite the fact that you are a legal, medical user in the U.S.
Any marijuana found at the border crossing would have to be “abandoned to the Crown,” according to White.
She said officers would not turn the car back, because that would violate Canada’s drug laws, which dictate that the cannabis must be seized.
“They have to confiscate it,” she said.