Man Tells Cops He Pays College Tuition With Pot Sales


Graphic: TokeTheseTees

​After police caught a New Mexico man ordering marijuana from California, they claim he told them the proceeds were going toward higher education.

A police-traced “controlled delivery” to Albuquerque resident Louie Duran, 34, contained about eight pounds of marijuana. Detectives arrived at Duran’s residence and saw him standing with another man, later identified as Andrew Vega, 27, reports Blair Shiff of KRQE.
Police allege that Duran said “Booya!” when the undercover narc walked up with the pungent package.
The officer approached Duran and confirmed his identity. Duran signed a FedEx form acknowledging receipt of the package, according to police.

Photo: KRQE
Andrew Vega told police paid his college tuitition with marijuana proceeds

​The detectives then pulled back and watched as Duran walked up to Vega, handing him the package. Vega got into his car and drove away; the cops followed him and stopped the vehicle, putting him under arrest.
While searching Vega, police claim they found a digital scale in his pocket.
After his arrest, Vega said he did not want to talk to police and insisted on speaking with an attorney. After awhile, Vega agreed to waive his right to an attorney and started talking.
“[Vega] had purchased the marijuana from someone in California and had it shipped to [his address],” the report says. “[Vega] said he sells marijuana to pay for college tuition.”