The Daily Show Looks At Denver’s Pot Dispensary Scene


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Photo: The Daily Show
Now that’s a real reporter — getting the story.

‚ÄčThe Daily Show‘s Jason Jones takes an up-close but light-hearted look at the increasingly tough competition going on in Denver’s medical marijuana dispensary scene.

Interviews with two dispensary owners — from a “mom and pop” type store and a bigger, glitzier shop — serve to highlight, in a humorous way, some of the differences and debates now shaping the future of medical marijuana.

By the way, I know The Daily Show played it for laughs… But I have to agree with the dispensary operator who has an issue with the strain name “Green Crack.”

Cannabis has less than nothing to do with crack, and to unnecessarily and stupidly associate the two in that way is the dumbest possible blunder in trying to overcome mainstream fear of the herb.