CA: Control & Tax Cannabis 2010 Is Now Proposition 19


Graphic: Control & Tax Cannabis 2010

Photo: Stuff Stoners Like
Richard Lee: “This is the next step to sane cannabis policies and the end to the hypocrisy and unjust prohibition of cannabis”

​​The Control & Tax Cannabis initiative has been designated Proposition 19 by the California Secretary of State.

“This is a huge moment for our campaign,” said Richard Lee, the Oakland medical marijuana entrepreneur who is the biggest financial backer of the cannabis legalization initiative.
“When we officially got our proposition number, it really hit home for me: This campaign is now real,” Lee said.
“In four months, we’ll be on the ballot, and millions of Californians will have the chance to vote to tax and legalize cannabis,” Lee said.

“As we approach the election, we’ve got all the momentum,” Lee said. “Whether you look on TV, Facebook, or in your community, it seems more and more folks realize we’ve got to seize this opportunity to legalize, control, and tax cannabis.”
Lee invites everyone to help keep the momentum going and educate voters about the brand new prop number by contributing to Yes On 19 here.