Cops Discover Pot Plantation In Convent; Nuns Questioned


Photo: New Vision
Sisters Nanteza and Rita being led to the Masaka Police Station by District Police Commander Titus Byaruhanga and another office. The nuns were reportedly unhappy that police had entered convent grounds.

Holy smoke! ​​Police are investigating after a marijuana plantation was discovered in the garden of a convent in Uganda. 

Two nuns and two porters have been questioned, according to police.
Plants covering one acre were found and uprooted in the Masaka district, a regional police chief told BBC.
One of the nuns told local news media that the marijuana was being used to treat farm animals, particularly pigs.
Police Commanbder Muhuirwe dismissed reports in Uganda’s New Vision newspaper that the nuns were angry that police entered the convent without permission. The police commander pointed out that the garden was “separate from the convent building.”

According to the Ali Mambule in The New Vision, there was a scuffle when Sister Nanteza attacked the police.
“You bypassed us without saying anything,” Sister Nanteza reportedly told the cops. “What if you got a problem here, whose fault would it be?” she asked District Police Commander Titus Byaruhanga and other officers.
The fully armed officers said they expected less resistance from the religious women.
When asked to make a statement, Sister Nanteza refused and started towards her residence. But the police commander instructed a female officer to restrain her until she recorded a statement.
Female police Officer Donam then tried leading Nanteza to one of the cop cars, but she refused. Nanteza was later joined by her colleague, Sister Rita, and both were led to the Masaka Police Station.
Only the two porters, Joseph Rwakasore and Raymond Muwanga, who were found tending the plants, have been arrested so far; the nuns are still free.
The nuns, however, have been questioned by police, because the garden is part of their convent.
“No one is allowed to plant marijuana,” said police spokesperson Noah Serunjogi.
He added that “some people” took advantage of the nuns to commit a crime.
No charges have yet been filed in the case, and the porters have been released on bail.