Nebraska Man: Hitler Made Me Grow Marijuana


Photo: Extremely Funny

​Sieg High? Just when you think you’ve heard every possible reason for cultivating cannabis, some imaginative farmer comes along to prove you wrong.

A 42-year-old Nebraska man told police “Adolf Hitler made me grow it,” after they discovered marijuana plants in his West Omaha home, reports Jodi Baker at WOWT.
The Omaha Police Department’s narcotics unit served a court-ordered search warrant on Darin Badami’s home near 114th and West Center Road on Wednesday morning.
The man’s unique excuse didn’t get him out of being arrested on felony charges.
For those of a historical bent, Hitler, despite being born on April 20, was a non-smoker who initiated the first anti-smoking campaign in modern history.
While the Führer almost certainly would have taken a dim view of pot use, he was quite fond of methamphetamine. Starting in 1942, Hitler received daily injections of meth from his personal physician, Dr. Theodor Morell. The Führer also had more than a passing acquaintance with cocaine.

Some historians speculate that many of the quirks of Hitler’s behavior might be due to his exotic drug regimen.