Police Refuse Judge’s Order To Return Man’s Marijuana


Photo: City of Snoqualmie
Snoqualmie Police Chief Jim Schaffer: Refusing a judge’s order? Why isn’t this scofflaw in jail?

‚ÄčThe Snoqualmie, Washington Police Department is contesting a King County Superior Court judge’s order to return 10 ounces of cannabis to a medical marijuana patient.

Defying the court order from Judge Sharon Armstrong, the arrogant police chief seems to believe he has more “knowledge” of the “medical marijuana process” than the judge herself.
“Our knowledge of the investigation is that the medical marijuana process really doesn’t apply,” Snoqualmie Police Chief Jim Schaffer told Dan Catchpole at the SnoValley Star.
Chief Schaffer claimed he did not know of any police departments that have returned marijuana in similar circumstances.
The police chief, email address [email protected], really should get out more, don’t you think?

The arrest was made in 2009; the suspect was charged, but King County prosecutors declined to bring the man to trial, reports Dan Catchpole at the SnoValley Star.