Volunteers Sought For Colorado Marijuana Panel


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​Are you interested in serving on a medical marijuana registry advisory committee? Do you live in Colorado? The Department of Public Health is seeking applications for nine positions open to members of the public. Applications will be accepted until June 30.

The committee will advise the department’s executive director on devising rules required by two medical marijuana bills recently passed by the Colorado Legislature, SB10-109 and HB10-1284, reports Loretta Sword at The Pueblo Chieftain.
Recommendations by the committee on implementation of the laws will be considered by the department’s executive director and the Colorado Board of Health.
Members of the public will hold nine spots on the 11-member advisory committee. The other two positions will be from the Department of Public Health and Environment.
The department’s two committee members will be the director of the state’s medical marijuana registry and the state’s chief medical officer (or his designee).

The nine public seats on the committee will be selected as follows:
• A patient holding a valid, active medical marijuana registration card
• A registered primary caregiver
• An owner/operator of a medical marijuana dispensary, as defined in HB 10-1284
• A physician holding an unrestricted, active Colorado license who recommends medical marijuana to appropriate patients
• A licensed health care worker who specializes in addiction management
• A licensed health care worker who specializes in chronic pain management
• A licensed health care worker who specializes in oncology
• A representative of the law enforcement community
• A Colorado district attorney or representative of the district attorney community.
Participation on the committee will require attending at least one meeting per month over the next 12 months, and “a willingness to work toward consensus.”
If You Want To Apply
The application can be found online here.
Completed applications must be returned by June 30.
Applications may be submitted online or mailed to:
Karin McGowan
Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
4300 Cherry Creek Drive S.
Denver, CO 80246-1530
For more information, email questions to McGowan at [email protected].
Medical Marijuana Registry Faces Backlog; Seeks Help
An estimated 94,000 people have applied for inclusion on Colorado’s medical marijuana registry this year.
Of that total, 70,000 applications still have not been processed, and those applicants have not yet received their registry cards.
The state health department said it is seeking help to eliminate the backlog within the next six months.