Bermuda Sucks: Passenger Hauled Off Cruise Ship For Pot


Photo: Cruise Law News
Bermuda is not a good place to vacation, if you like marijuana.

‚ÄčYet another passenger has been hauled off a cruise ship in Bermuda for allegedly arriving on the backwards-ass island with marijuana.

Hey, Bermuda? Get a fucking clue. If you really want to be a vacation paradise, you need to let people smoke weed. Arresting tourists is bad for business, morons.

George Koumoulis, 37, of Abingdon, Maryland, was removed from the Norwegian Dawn on July 22 after police found just over seven grams of cannabis in his cabin, reports Nadia Arandjelovic at Bermuda newspaper The Royal Gazette.

Other passengers complained they smelled marijuana coming from the room that Koumoulis, a financial analyst, shared with his brother.
Cruise ship staff went to investigate and found Koumoulis inside. They also discovered two ziplock bags containing an “unknown substance” (ooooh!) “and three packages of cigarette papers.”
Whoa, dude had three packs of papers for just one quarter ounce? He most roll pin joints, man.
Under questioning by police officers, Koumoulis admitted the pot was his. He was then taken to Somerset Police Station.
“It was a very, very stupid mistake and I apologize to the courts,” Koumoulis said in Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday.
“It is a mistake that is worth $1,500 that has to be paid immediately or three months in default,” replied Acting Senior Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo.
Bermuda is known for its strict laws on drug possession, as well as for using drug-sniffing dogs to search for illegal substances on cruise ships, reports Gene Sloan at USA Today.
The Bermudan police force has made several arrests of cruise ship passengers in recent years, sometimes holding them for days on the benighted island.
Just last fall, the Bermuda police arrested a Pennsylvania man on another Norwegian Cruise Line ship, the Norwegian Majesty, for carrying 7.59 grams of pot. He also was eventually fined $1,500.
similar incident in 2008, involving a cruise passenger from Maine, also resulted in a $1,500 fine.
Ohhh, so, Bermuda, you’re shaking down the wealthy tourists on trumped-up marijuana charges, eh? Let’s see how that affects the tourism trade when word gets out.