Boy Charged In BB Gun Robbery Of Marijuana From Dealer


Graphic: Bleat

‚ÄčBond has been set at $40,000 for a 17-year-old Arlington Heights, Illinois teen who prosecutors claim took two ounces of marijuana — at BB-gunpoint — from a pot dealer.

Nicholas Saegebrecht was charged with aggravated robbery in the incident, which happened Monday night in Arlington Heights, reports Tania Karas of the Chicago Daily Herald.

Saegebrecht called the victim to set up the pot deal, according to police. Then, on his way to the agreed-upon meeting point in the parking lot of a downtown Arlington Heights business, he picked up the BB gun, the police report said.
When Saegebrecht brandished the BB gun at the dealer, the marijuana was handed over, the complaint said.
Officers later pulled over the vehicle Saegebrecht was in, and found the BB gun used in the crime. Saegebrecht, who probably isn’t in any danger of being nominated for a high-IQ award, also had a pending case for possession of a controlled substance, according to the prosecutor.

Another juvenile who accompanied Saegebrecht, and was also arrested, was referred to as a co-defendant in Cook County Circuit Court on Tuesday, but specific charges against the youth were not known, the Daily Herald reports.
There was also apparently a third person with the two suspects who wasn’t charged, according to the Arlington Heights police.
The cops declined to give any more details of the crime on Tuesday, claiming there is an ongoing investigation.
Nobody was hurt in the incident, said police Cmdr. Kenneth Galinski.