Here’s What Pot Freedom Feels Like: Report From Spain


Photo: Bubbleman’s Hideout
Very strong privacy laws prevent Spanish police from entering your house — even if they can see weed. How cool is that?

​British citizen Andy was looking for weed freedom — and he believes he’s found it in Europe. But he’s not in Holland. Andy’s chosen abode is not yet known as a stoner mecca, but judging by his account, it may soon be.
For a fascinating look at the Spanish cannabis scene, let’s travel to Andalusia now with our host, who writes on the excellent website “Dope Smoker.”
~ Steve Elliott
Freedom To Act Without Fear
By Andy
Dope Smoker
I am smoking a joint whilst sitting by my front window.
Actually, that’s right where I rolled it too, and people were walking by the house. Sometimes, I pass the joint out the window to a neighbor on the street.

This, to me, is Freedom with a capital F.
Where am I?
Not in Holland. No no. It is warm here.
I’m in Spain.
It is little known, but Spain has some very chilled out laws when it comes to weed. Smoking in public is not tolerated like it is in Amsterdam, however personal use is very much tolerated, as is growing your own (within reason).
Very strong privacy laws prevent the police from entering your house, even if they can see weed inside it. (How cool is that?)
So, whilst many Brits flock to Holland, I came to Andalusia in Spain to enjoy a life of freedom and sun.
A great deal of weed is grown in Spain, and Spain is actually responsible for the production of its own hashish — something most European countries can’t claim (apart from Holland, of course).
Spain also has its own distribution system for marijuana via cannabis social clubs.
These were introduced in 2005 — though I have never come across one yet — but I do get my weed delivered in a very civilized manner every couple of weeks. It is always good. And always grown under the sun. Costs me around 2 euros a gram for the nice stuff.
Here’s some I smoked earlier:

Photo: Andy

Getting rid of police worries is a great thing; nobody wants to be hounded by the cops for getting high. Paranoia is good for no man. Or lady.
As well as the marvelous weed in the country, there’s also a cart load of good hash to be had. Spain, especially the south of Spain, is very close to Morocco — where very fine hashish is made.

Photo: Andy
Caramello hashish can be found in ‘egg’ form (‘huevos’ in Spanish) for around US$80 for 6 to 10g and is well worth the bother.

​Caramello can be found in ‘egg’ form (‘huevos’ in Spanish) for around US$80 for 6 to 10g and is well worth the bother. 
They are shaped and wrapped this way as it’s normally smuggled from Africa inside people’s stomachs, and then, how shall I say, expelled from their arses.
It’s not legal or regulated here, let’s be clear. Selling weed as a business can still get you in trouble.
Having said that, after a year here I have heard of no busts.
With the sale of cannabis seeds legal in the UK, I am free to sample all sorts of delights, grown under the powerful Spanish sun.
True, you’re not supposed to smoke in public, but in the backwater where I live, many do.
It feels good, right and proper.
Here’s hoping more of this freedom comes to my friends in America soon.
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Editor’s note: When he’s getting high, Andy writes on Dope Smoker.