Paris Hilton Caught With Cannabis Again


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Paris Hilton has been briefly detained, then released, after being caught with marijuana (again).

​​American socialite Paris Hilton has reportedly been caught again with marijuana.

The multi-millionaire heiress was arrested and detained shortly on the French island of Corsica after less than a gram of cannabis was found in her handbag when a drug dog alerted officers, according to police, reports Shania Stevewolsen of World Correspondents.
Hilton, 29, was detained after her arrival at the Figari Airport in Corsica, aboard a private jet from Paris, France last Friday.
She was searched in a secure area of the airport police station and an amount of cannabis that weighed less than a gram was found in her handbag, according to Corse-Matin newspaper.
Due to the small amount of marijuana found, she was warned not to travel with drugs, then released within an hour with no criminal charges, the newspaper reported.
The marijuana was confiscated and destroyed.

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The incident is Hilton’s second marijuana-related brush with the law this month.
​Paris was arrested during the World Cup Finals in South Africa after a friend she was with took a joint to the Brazil-Netherlands quarterfinal match in Port Elizabeth.
But Hilton claimed the two incidents haven’t ruined her summer, reports The Times of India.
She told her Twitter followers that she was not formally arrested in Corsica.
“Just to put an end to these rumours. The stories saying I have been arrested are completely false,” Hilton posted on Twitter.
“I am having the best vacation of my life!” Hilton tweeted. “What an amazing summer! I feel so blessed and grateful for everything. I Love Life!! Now let’s move on and everyone focus and enjoy their own summer time! Love you guys.”
Paris wasn’t about to let another drug bust spoil her vacation with her sister Nicky and a group of their friends aboard a super yacht belonging to a Las Vegas millionaire businessman, reports Holly Stafford at Hollywood Dame.
Hilton, the great-granddaughter of the Hilton Hotel chain’s founder, became famous in 2003 when her boyfriend leaked onto the Internet a video of the couple having sex.