Anti-Marijuana Legislator’s Car Covered With Salad Dressing


Photo: Colorado Springs Independent
Rep. Mark Waller: “I spoke at an event about medical marijuana. My reward: ranch dressing smeared all over my car.”

‚ÄčColorado state Rep. Mark Waller claims a recent salad dressing assault on his car may have been a reprisal for his stand against medical marijuana dispensaries.

“I spoke at an event about medical marijuana,” Waller posted on Facebook of his salad dressing disaster. “My reward: ranch dressing smeared all over my car. Gotta love it!”
Mark, I suspect that wasn’t your reward simply for speaking. I would suggest, sir, it was your reward for speaking stupidly.
Rep. Waller’s latest salad setback is reported by Alan Prendergast in Westword, our sister blog in the Village Voice Media empire.
While there’s certainly nothing wrong with the schadenfreude of a good condiment calamity — I mean, who isn’t up for a good sauce setback? — it may not have been marijuana activists who did the ranch-dressing rowdiness.
“That’s the last thing we need to do,” a member of  Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council told the Colorado Springs Gazette. “Not only that, but I’m not 16 anymore.”
“At least they didn’t break out the big guns and go blue cheese or Thousand Island!” wisecracked Jeff Clayton on Facebook.