N.Y. Attorney General Candidate Says She Tried Pot, Cocaine


Photo: Kathleen Rice Campaign
N.Y. Attorney General candidate Kathleen Rice: “It was one of those stupid things that people do in their life and you regret and you move on”

‚ÄčNew York attorney general hopeful Kathleen Rice revealed Tuesday that she dabbled with marijuana and cocaine in her college days.

The Nassau County district attorney, a Democrat, told the New York Daily News that she tried pot and coke “a handful” of times when she was in her early 20s, reports Rich Schapiro.
“It was one of those stupid things that people do in their life and you regret and you move on,” Rice said.
The candidate has talked about her recreational drug use before, according to campaign spokesman Eric Phillips, reports Kathleen Kerr at Newsday.
“It was a mistake and she regrets it,” Phillips said.

Rice, a notoriously tough lawyer, said she is steadfastly opposed to legalizing drugs.
“I’ve seen too much, and too close up, the damage they do to communities and families and public safety,” Rice said.
So, what does tough Kathleen really mean?
Here’s what it sounds like to me: I got to have my own youthful indiscretions, and escaped unscathed. But if anybody else does the same things I did in my 20s, I’m arresting them.
The attorney general candidate is known for her aggressive pursuit of wrongdoing, reports Heather Grossmann at DNAinfo.
Unfortunately, the ambitious politician failed to explain exactly how marijuana, of all things, damages public safety, foolishly neglecting to differentiate between cocaine and pot in her political doublespeak.
Rice, 45, is running against four other Democratic candidates for the party’s attorney general nomination.
Democratic Attorney General and gubernatorial front-runner Andrew Cuomo, along with a handful of other candidates running for statewide office in New York, have admitted to past drug use.
Cuomo owned up to smoking pot back in the day.