Cal Expo Decides Medical Marijuana Is Immoral; Kills Billboard


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​In an unusual alliance, Sacramento dispensary CannaCare had been running an advertisement on Cal Expo’s digital billboard along Interstate 80. But Cal Expo, a unit of California government which puts on the state fair, unaccountably got paranoid and decided to nix the ad.

“Although we haven’t had any complaints, we discussed it internally and decided it wasn’t appropriate,” said Cal Expo Assistant General Manager Brian May. So it looks like the state agency won’t be selling any more ad space to the local cannabis shop.
So how did Cal Expo officials go about killing the pot billboard? Documents show that agency bigwigs approved a “morality clause” against marijuana advertising, report Hugh Biggar and Nick Miller at the Sacramento News & Review.
That’s right, folks: Marijuana may be used for medical purposes, but it’s still “immoral,” according to these mental midgets.

Photo: Cal Expo
He’s to blame: Cal Expo Director Marko Milkotin “asked that a morality cause be included” to ban marijuana from the billboard

​As part of a discussion of electronic-sign agreements at a May 27 board meeting, the minutes show that Cal Expo director Marko Milkotin “asked that a morality clause be included” for any future advertising requests.
The new clause restricts advertising of “marijuana for sale.” And the Cal Expo board, appointed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, passed the ridiculous motion unanimously.
“I’m surprised,” said Bryan Davies, co-owner of CannaCare. “The ad has been running for several months. I don’t understand it.”
But Cal Expo seems firm in its decision to just say no to marijuana.
“We are not scheduled to renew it, and we have informed the contractor to discontinue selling similar ads in the future,” sniffed May.
If CannaCare’s name sounds familiar, it may be because they are the same dispensary that, just this week, bought what a local FOX affiliate claimed were the first TV ads in the nation for medical marijuana.