Pot Shop Raided Hours After Broadcast Criticizing City Attorney


Photo: KTLA
Los Angeles City Attorney Carmen Trutanich: Is this hothead serving up quick revenge to dispensaries that dare criticize him?

‚ÄčA Los Angeles police raid of a Venice medical marijuana dispensary last week — which occurred at a time when L.A. has said it will hold off on pot shop enforcement — happened just hours after an activist criticized the City Attorney on a radio broadcast from the store.

Host Zuma Dogg played audio of his Thursday web radio show for the LA Weekly, reports Dennis Romero. He said, in part, “I’d like to send this one out to Carmen Trutanich” and called the City Attorney “incompetent” and a “moron” for his handling of the city’s medical marijuana ordinance.
Zuma Dogg described his “broadcasting live” location as a Venice collective with “Green” in its title.

Hours later, about 7:45 p.m. Thursday (as, Romero notes, an odd time for such an action), the Green Goddess Collective at 70 Windward Avenue was raided by police.
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