U. of Miami Baseball Player Busted For Selling Pot


Photo: Richard C. Lewis
Miami’s Frankie Ratcliff, left, wipes out Fordham University infielder Brian Kownacki as he slides on March 16 in Coral Gables.

‚ÄčWhile the University of Miami’s football team has cleaned up its media image, from time to time another of the school’s athletes keeps that good old “Thug U” outlaw image alive. A freshman on the university’s baseball team was arrested Wednesday night for trying to sell marijuana to undercover cops on campus.

Freshman Frankie Ratcliff, 19, was busted around 9 p.m. after offering to sell 21 grams to narcs for $220. He then foolishly signed a consent form allowing police to search his apartment, where they found more pot, totaling 101 grams, and 19 vials of “athletic enhancer” steroids.

Ratcliff now faces felony charges of possession with intent to sell within one thousand feet of a school, possession of more than 20 grams of cannabis and possession of a controlled substance (the steroids), and is being held on $20,000 bond.

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