How Greedy Profiteers Are Betraying The Cannabis Community


Graphic: The Portland Mercury

‚ÄčI know, I know. “It’s all about the money.” But are there no depths to which the anti-Prop 19 people — i.e., a few greedy growers and dispensary owners and their friends in law enforcement — won’t sink?
Just today, I saw that some obnoxious moron calling himself “Rtg Cel” on Facebook had even trumpeted the supposed “dangers” of stoned workers on the job as a reason to vote against Prop 19 legalization.
Surely he knows better. Marijuana users are typically among the safest, most bust-ass, least complaining employees in the workplace.
But what does truth matter, when profits are at stake?
Way to show your true colors, “Rtg Cel.” Way to fall into line with your prohibitionist allies.

Shame on you, “Rtg Cel,” and shame on all the greedy profiteers who, like you, oppose Prop 19.
Shame on old-time pot dealers like Dennis Peron, too. Sadly, yes, even Prop 215 co-author Peron, who has now managed to forever sully his own formerly proud legacy of righteous dealing with his selfish opposition to Prop 19.
Shame on you for putting profits over people. Shame on you for your avarice in being willing to sacrifice ordinary Californians by continuing a failed system of criminal enforcement.
Check yourself before you wreck yourself.
In your scheme of things, is keeping the price of pot high (and relatively tax-free) worth continuing the human misery caused by marijuana prohibition? Apparently so, judging by your actions.
Prop 19 represents not the end of the legalization battle, of course. It is an imperfect piece of legislation with limits on possession and growing set far too low.
But it is the beginning of the next phase of our struggle — in which marijuana supporters will begin, state by state, to dismantle the failed prohibitionist policies of the past. And it represents a way for the people of California to make a powerful, unforgettable statement to the federal government about cannabis prohibition.
I’ll admit, it’s a little bit disconcerting to see people who claim to be “marijuana activists” — at least, as long as it serves their purpose and their profit — fighting against legalization at any level of government. And it’s a little disingenuous of you to pretend taxation and regulation represents some kind of “government interference” in the marijuana market — when prohibition itself is the ultimate interference.
The ugly spectacle of so-called “marijuana activists” like you consorting with our enemies like Attorney General Eric Holder — who has vowed to continue “vigorously enforcing” federal marijuana laws, even if Prop 19 passes — is one that won’t soon be forgotten, no matter how hard we try.
We can’t un-see your avarice. We can’t un-see your greed. And we can’t forget your betrayal.
P.S. If you are a marijuana consumer/grower, you should at least be aware that money you spend with anti-prop 19 activist “RTG Cel” at could be used for anti-Prop 19 efforts in California. Why take that chance? I know if I buy any grow lights, it won’t be from this place.
What You Can Do
If you support legalization, then please make sure you don’t give money to the opposition.
Ask your dispensary if they support Prop 19. If they don’t — and especially if they try to talk you out of voting for it — change dispensaries. There is always another one down the street. 
Editor’s note: This editorial solely represents the individual views of Steve Elliott, and not necessarily of Village Voice Media nor of any other organization.