‘I’m Part Cherokee And We Don’t Consider Marijuana A Drug’


Graphic: KMVT

‚ÄčA Florida woman whose husband allowed officers to search their home was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after they found cannabis in a grinder on the kitchen table.

“I’m part Cherokee Indian and we don’t consider marijuana a drug,” the 30-year-old Crestview woman told officers, reports Wendy Victora at Northwest Florida Daily News.
The woman “smelled of alcohol,” according to the arrest report from Crestview Police Department, which does consider marijuana a drug.
Three young children were in the house at the time, according to police.

Her oh-so-helpful husband told officers his wife “ingest marijuana.” Officers also found two “smoking devices” after the husband pointed them out, the report said.
The incident took place on December 18, according to police.