Miss KushCon II? You Can Still Check Out The Top 10 Products


Photo: Aaron Thackeray
This glass football bong came in at #4 on William Breathes’ list, but it’s way higher on mine.

‚ÄčI know, I know. You’re all bummed out because you didn’t get to attend KushCon II in Denver this past weekend. I feel your pain, brah.

But all is not lost! Intrepid Denver Westword pot reporter William Breathes has got our backs! He was there in the trenches at KushCon and he thoughtfully compiled a list — with pics! — of his 10 favorite products at the show.
“Last week I talked about how much I hated holiday shopping,” Breathes wrote.
“After going to KushCon II over the weekend, I’ve changed my mind.”
And with Xmas just around the corner — hey, stoner, it’s five days away, man! — I know some you could sure use some gift ideas right about now.
I guess you can tell which one was my favorite, from the Aaron Thackeray photo on the right. 
Go on over to Westword for the complete list.

Mile Highs and Lows: William Breathes’ ten favorite products at KushCon II