Charges Dropped Against Two Medical Marijuana Providers


Charles and Rachel Tamagni were arrested on December 27 for operating a mobile marijuana dispensary. All charges have now been dropped, according to their lawyer.
“They were put through hell for nothing, their names dragged through the mud. Now, it’s like ‘Oops, sorry, never mind.’ “
~ Attorney Patrick Fisher

‚ÄčA Southern California couple arrested for operating a mobile medical marijuana dispensary won’t be facing any jail time — because they are no longer facing charges.

Officials from the San Luis Obispo District Attorney’s office said they are dropping charges against the Paso Robles couple, Charles Tamagni, 47, and his wife Rachel Tamagni, 57, according to Patrick Fisher, one of their attorneys, reports Cal Coast News.
“We have to get confirmation in court, but they told us over the phone that they are rejecting charges,” Fisher said.

At least six law enforcement agencies and 50 agents took part in the December 27 arrests of 15 people for growing and selling medical marijuana. During the arrests, children and grandparents were handcuffed and gunpoint, homes were ransacked and some of the arrestees were left in a cold van for hours, according to numerous sources.
“They were put through hell for nothing, their names dragged through the mud,” Fisher said. “Now, it’s like ‘Oops, sorry, never mind.’ “
Fisher, attorney for six of those arrested, said his clients appear to have been operating their marijuana dispensaries in complete compliance with California law.
The arrests appear to be based on an fringe interpretation of state law — specifically, that everyone in a collective must physically participate in cultivation of the plants.
“Is it the view of the Narcotics Force that the terminally ill should be growing their own pot?” Fisher asked.
Twelve of the medical marijuana providers arrested on Dec. 27 are still facing charges.