Federal Patient Wants To Save Medical Marijuana In Montana


Photo: MedicalMarijuana411.com
Federal medical marijuana patient Irvin Rosenfeld holds a tin of 300 joints, which he gets every 25 days from the government.

‚ÄčIrvin Rosenfeld, the longest survivor of the four remaining federal medical marijuana patients in the United States, plans to visit Montana to speak before the Legislature next week. Rosenfeld will be there to educate people on the importance of medical cannabis and its true value as a medicine.

As a federal medical marijuana patient for more than 28 years, Rosenfeld has knowledge and experience to share with others. According to Irv, cannabis is a medicine like any other, and should be treated that way.
As senior vice president of investments for Newbridge Securities in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, he also understands the economic aspect and how medical marijuana creates jobs for thousands of Montanans.
“Montana is being watched nationally, and what happens in this legislative session could set precedence around the world,” said Rosenfeld, who serves as a director for the advocacy group Patients Out of Time.

“Medical cannabis patients are productive members of society,” Rosenfeld said. “I am living proof. I have been a stockbroker for over 23 years handling millions of dollars on a daily basis.”
“One of the biggest problems in Montana now is, they have had very bad press,” Rosenfeld explained. “The media in Montana has focused its efforts on one specific individual, and that has bled over nationally.”
“There are some very experienced, professional, caring people in Montana working very hard to care for patients who have gone virtually unrecognized,” Rosenfeld said. “I know — I have met many of them.”
“My goaql is to help educate the politicians in Montana,” Rosenfeld said. “There are some very intelligent people in Montana, and I am sure they will see the science and facts, and consider what is best for the people of Montana.”
“Montana has a proud history of pioneering,” Rosenfeld said. “It is my hope they will take the lead, and be true pioneers for medical cannabis, and a shining example of the true value of not only medical cannabis, but hemp as well.”
Rosenfeld is a successful 57-year-old stockbroker who uses medical cannabis to treat chronic pain and muscle spasms caused by a rare, painful bone disease.
Irv won the right to access medical marijuana from the feds in 1982, and receives 300 rolled joints from the government every 25 days. He has smoked more than 120,000 federal joints — and counting.