If You Have An Android And Can’t Roll Joints, This App’s For You


Photo: AndroLib

​Got tech aplenty, but still no mad rolling skills? A new Android app aims to help novice marijuana users learn how to roll a joint.
The free version of the “Joint Rolling Guide” app “includes beginner tips on rolling joints and four detailed tutorials for rolling impressive cannabis masterpieces,” according to the developers.
There’s also a paid version of the app available for $2.65 (what, not $4.20?) which includes five more tutorials.
“Should only be used by medical marijuana patients and their caregivers,” the developers caution us. “Please check local laws.”
“Experienced rollers can skip the intro,” developers tell us, “but it’s a pretty essential [sic]for beginners.” Question is, how many “experienced rollers” are going to plunk down $2.65 for an app telling them how to do something they can already do? 
Click on “Similar Apps” on the MacWorld page where the Joint Rolling Guide is mentioned, and you find Apple hasn’t been left out in the cold.

There are plenty of other cannabis-related apps available not only for the Android but also for Apple’s iPhone, including something called “Marijuana/Weed Counter,” available for €0.79, “Marijuana News & Clocks,” available for 99 cents, and “Medical Marijuana GrowApp,” which is free.