Marijuana Holds Top 50 Spots In Questions For Obama


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​ is once again asking the American public for questions for President Obama, based on their top concerns. This time it’s in the form of “Your Interview with the President, hosted on YouTube. And once again, marijuana legalization questions are dominating the polling, by one account nailing down the top 50 spots based on popular vote.

But unsurprisingly, the subject of marijuana doesn’t show up anywhere on the YouTube site — unless you do some sorting.
Rather than being allowed to actually see the obvious popularity of marijuana law reform, visitors have to click “All Questions” and then click “Sort By Popularity” to see that all the questions with the most votes relate to cannabis prohibition in some form.

Screen Capture: YouTube
Here, according to YouTube, are the most popular questions for President Obama as of Tuesday afternoon, January 25. All are about marijuana.

​Marijuana was also by far the leading topic last year, but many feel it was swept under the rug, according to Roots at Marijuana Stocks.
“We applaud for advancing and organizing an event like this and sincerely hope they (unlike last year) take the popularity of the cannabis issue seriously this time around,” Roots said. “If not, we’ll certainly not applaud them when this event is over.”
It’s almost as if someone, somewhere, doesn’t want any attention brought to the fact that marijuana law reform is one of the top issues on people’s minds. Maybe somebody doesn’t want that sleeping giant to wake up and seize power.
Who’d wanna do something that Orwellian? And what’s so wrong about a public debate on the actual issues?

Readers can still vote on and submit questions until Wednesday, January 26 at midnight Eastern time.
The exclusive YouTube interview with the President will take place on Thursday, January 27.
You can view the site, cast your votes, and submit your questions here:
Here are the Top 50 questions, all about cannabis, according to Reddit submitter whiskeysnowcone.