Colorado Bill Targets Cannabis Tinctures And Ointments


Photo: Denver Relief
Cannabis tinctures and ointments would become illegal under a bill currently before the Colorado Legislature. Why, exactly? Apparently they threaten “public peace, health and safety.”

‚ÄčA new bill that attempts to create more restrictions on the medical marijuana industry in Colorado by banning cannabis tinctures and ointments was released last Wednesday.

House Bill 11-1250 was written to “prohibit marijuana-infused consumable food and beverage product manufacturing and sale.” After an outcry from the medical marijuana community, the bill was amended to apply only to ointments and tinctures, not food or beverage products, reports Chelsea Long at Boulder Weekly.
Ryan Hartman, owner of Boulder Wellness Center, said he was worried about the bill’s impact on his dispensary.

“It would definitely hurt business,” Hartman said. “A year ago I would’ve said I wasn’t worried about [the bill passing]. But, yeah, crazier bills have passed.”
The bill’s language claims the measure is necessary for “the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, and safety.”
Exactly how cannabis tinctures and ointments — typically used by gravely ill patients — threaten “public peace, health and safety” remains unclear.
The public hearing for HB 11-250 has been set for March 1 before the House Judiciary Committee.
Rep. Cindy Acree and Republican Sen. Scott Renfroe are sponsors of the bill.